There's scary dog privilege and there's also scary dog mom privilege. 

Our Belt bags are made with Dog moms in mind. We work with our manufacturer to ensure quality products that meet your standard. We are based in and ship our products from Virginia, USA.

Meet the pack

Hi! Welcome to our family. I'm Susmita, this is my husband Zac and our three dogs. 



Likes: Anything ingestible

Dislikes: Balloons


German Sheperd Mix
Purebred Good boy

Likes: Mud

Dislikes: Hardwood floors



American Staffordshire terrier

Likes:  Belly pats

Dislikes: Nail trimmers


                   I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. My first business venture was in elementary school, collecting "Salagubang" or beetles in a big jar. I would then roam around the streets to sell it to other little kids for 5 or 10 pesos. Why did I sell insects you ask? because you can tie a thread on their wings and fly them like a kite. As days went by, other rival kids started doing the same, which decreased my sales and saturated the market. My next business was Iced-pops, also known as Iced candy in my country. Fruit Iced candy was already sold in my street. So I made chocolate-flavored Iced candy. It was made of brewed cacao tablets, water (because we did not have milk), and sugar. I already knew my market because I played with the kids I was selling to.

                   Fast forward to my 20s and I'm in the healthcare field in the US. Going to class from 8 am to 1 pm, then head to work from 5 am-7 am. My older sister and I took turns napping as the other one drove. The burnout did not stop because there was more work and more degrees to get. I gave myself permission to have a childlike viewpoint on what I wanted to achieve and it reminded me of the younger me who was fine with being different.

Creation of "PawsOff Belt bag"

There was a funny TikTok trend of men and women that had captions such as "Why are you not scared walking alone at night" or "Reason why I'm not scared to go hiking alone". It would then switch to implying that they have armed protection as the reason. Some women doing this trend, used waistline holsters, fanny packs, and purses.

Fanny packs are my favorite go-to bag when I walk my dogs. It's easy to access my phone, keys, collapsible dog bowl, and treats.

In the online market, there are utility/tactical fanny packs for concealed carry.

There are also stylish fanny packs for women, with dog-walking features.

What if there was a dog-walking fanny pack and self-defense hybrid?

Our Mission
"When you grab the PawsOff Belt bag to walk your pup, it reminds you that even if you have to be cautious in this dangerous world, it is still yours to explore."

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