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Dog Inflatable Sprinkler Pad

Dog Inflatable Sprinkler Pad

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Our Inflatable Sprinkler pad is bath time disguised as play time! It's suitable for pets and children so that your pets and kids can have fun in the sun. Heat stress can be fatal and our pups may not have a safety break when it comes to play time. The Inflatable sprinkler pad is a good exercise activity that will keep them cool and entertained for longer. This can also be used for desensitization training for dogs that are scared of water.

Lather them with dog soap while they're playing and bath time will be easier than ever! 

Set up your own water park in the comfort of your own yard.

Perfect interactive outdoor activity for children and dogs.

Adjustable water height.

Size: 170cm (66in) Weight: 1.5lb Material: 0.23mm PVC, Durable and is difficult to pop. Non-Slip. Easy Set-up: Plug the water mat to a garden hose or PVC tubing. It's foldable, lightweight and easy to transport.

Safety Tips: Recommended age is 1+year old, Adult supervision is needed. Please cut your dog's nails. A similar retail price is $59.99 at Walmart. Similar Online price range: $45-$79

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